Recently Discovered Video Shows Omar Laughing At Americans Fear Of Al Qaeda After 9/11

Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar has been found to have laughed at Americans and their fear of Al Qaeda after 9/11.

In the recently surfaced video the Somali born congresswoman remembered taking a terrorism class and laughing at Americans fear.

“The thing that was interesting, in the class, was every time the professor said ‘al-Qaeda,’ his shoulders sort of went up,” she said in the video with a smile and she emphasized what was said.

“A recently discovered video shows @IlhanMN mocking Americans for their anxiety about al-Qaeda, equating US armed forces to al-Qaeda and Hezbollah,” The Reagan Battalion wrote when it shared the video.

“Al-Qaeda, you know, Hezbollah,” she told the interviewer as they both laughed at the fear of being murdered that Americans have.

“You don’t say ‘America’ with an intensity; you don’t say ‘England’ with an intensity; you don’t say ‘the army’ with an intensity,” she said.

“But you say these names because you want that word to carry weight,” she said, as if the word “England” an ally and friend, should strike fear the way Al Qaeda does.

What Omar did not mention was the fact that she took the class prior to her graduation in 2011 — before the rise of ISIS — which suggests that al-Qaeda was the major operating terrorist organization at the time, and the United States was still actively engaged in a war with that particular group.

Osama bin Laden, the man responsible for the 9/11 attacks on U.S. soil, would not be captured until May of that year.