POLL: If Election Were Held Today, Democrats Would Still Be Losers



The American populace is growing ever more tired of the ridiculous antics of the liberal left, who have been on a childish rampage ever since the 2016 presidential election.

Not only have we been inundated with horrifically biased “news” programming throughout television and the internet, but we have been forced to endure several incarnations of the so-called “resistance” to President Trump.  This has entailed everything from the attempted murder of several GOP congressmen, all the way down to a government employee flipping the Commander in Chief the bird when his motorcade passed her on her bicycle.

After all of this rampant rhetoric has invaded our every media stream, surely the nation wouldn’t make that same decision again if the elected were held today, right?  The liberal left has had a year to make their argument against the President…surely the results would at least be closer this time?

Nope.  And that’s all thank to the antics of Hillary Clinton.

“The Washington Post-ABC News poll asked respondents how they’d vote in a redo of the 2016 election, and, if anything, Clinton seems to have lost more ground than Trump. Among those who voted, 46 percent say they picked Clinton last year and 43 percent picked Trump — a slightly more favorable sample than the 2016 election, in which Clinton won the popular vote by two percentage points. But in a head-to-head rematch, Clinton’s support drops even more than Trump’s does, and they wind up in a 40-40 tie. Given that Trump overperformed in key, blue-leaning swing states, that means he’d probably have won again.

“Interestingly, Clinton actually seems to have lost that ground because of disillusioned Democrats. Even as the Trump presidency has unified the Democratic Party against him and his policies, just 72 percent of Democrats said they would vote for Clinton in a rematch — vs. the 84 percent who said they did vote for Clinton last year. Trump’s share of the Republican Party, meanwhile, dropped just five points from 89 percent who said they did vote for him to 84 percent who said they would do it again.”

Even more interning for the democrats is their slipping stranglehold on the minority vote; something that they gained only through years of calculated propaganda against republicans.

In that demographic, Clinton actually drops ten whole percentage points, once again destroying the myth that the democrats will always hold the keys to the minority coupe.

This information will likely sail conveniently over the heads of the mainstream media, however, who will use these results to cobble together some form of positive spin, as opposed to taking their lumps like the adults that they used to be.