Mainstream Media Is Now Claiming Mueller Is Part Of Cover Up Conspiracy For Trump

MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid, who was caught making homophobic statements on her old blog, has a theory about the Mueller report.

She apparently believes that Robert Mueller, the man they have been praising this entire time, is helping President Donald Trump cover wrongdoing.

“Is Trump’s flunky going to release a report that might be damaging to his sugar daddy? I don’t think so,” Above the Law editor Elie Mystal said on her show.

“I don’t even know why we think that Barr isn’t the one who stopped the investigation,” Mystal said to Reid.

“This is a 22-month-long investigation, Barr’s been on the scene for a month, and now we’re done?” he said.

“That doesn’t strike anybody as odd? No, I have absolutely no confidence that Bill Barr will do anything other than what is in the best interest of Donald Trump,” he said.

Reid agreed and said that Barr should have recused himself from being involved in the investigation in any way.

“The fact that this investigation takes place within the Justice Department, which Donald Trump essentially controls, and that he got rid of the problem, Jeff Sessions, who––the one decent thing that he did was just recuse himself,” she said.

“This guy is not recused. It feels like the seeds of a cover-up are here,” Reid said, in a conspiracy that would have to involve Mueller.