Headlining Super Bowl Band Maroon 5 Hints Halftime Show Will Be A hip-hop Kneeling Fest.

Proud, flag-loving patriots who hate seeing the American flag be disrespected may have no other option but to tune out of the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show.

The show has been mired in controversy because of a concerted effort by radical far-left activists to stop any artist from performing at the event. To them, any performance would be a slap in the face to unemployed former NFL quarterback and continued race-baiting agitator Colin Kaepernick.

Thankfully, some artists resisted the pressure and signed up for the gig anyway, including the pop rock band Maroon 5 and rappers Big Boi and Travis Scott, among others. But judging by the rhetoric of Maroon 5’s lead singer, Adam Levine, trouble may still be expected.

How so? During an interview this week with Entertainment Tonight, Levine said that the band plans to honor those who believe in the concept of so-called “social justice.”

“They will be [heard] — that’s all I want to say because I don’t want to spoil anything,” he said, referring to those who’ve been complaining about the band’s participation in the show.

“And once again, I like to think that people know where I stand as a human being after two decades doing this. I’m not a speaker. I’m not a public speaker. I do speak, but it’s through the music. My life’s work and what I put out into the universe has been positive and hopefully inspiring.”

Listen to his words below:

The singer also admitted that the decision to participate in the show hadn’t been made with ease.

“No one thought about it more than I did,” he said. “No one put more thought and love into this than I did. … I spoke to many people. Most importantly though, I silenced all the noise and listened to myself, and made my decision about how I felt.”

It’s unclear why deciding to perform at one of the most-viewed events of the year caused him such consternation. While it’s true far-left activists have been complaining, who cares? Who are a bunch of radical nut jobs to decide who gets to perform at the Super Bowl!?

And regarding the rap musicians Maroon 5 is slated to perform with, Levine enthusiastically said, “We love having there be a presence that this is the the show that’s gonna have
the biggest hip hop presence that there has ever been on the show.”

Given his soft stance toward the left-wing mob, chances are he and his band mates may kneel during their halftime performance. In fact, that’s exactly what Roger Waters, the co-founder of the rock band Pink Floyd, has asked all of the event’s performers to do.

“My colleagues Maroon 5, Travis Scott, and Big Boi are performing during the halftime show at the Super Bowl this coming Sunday,” he said in a statement published to Facebook Wednesday.

“I call upon them to ‘take a knee’ on stage in full sight. I call upon them to do it in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick, to do it for every child shot to death on these mean streets, to do it for every bereaved mother and father and brother and sister.”

The majority of suspects killed by the police are done so justifiably, but never mind the facts …

Roger Waters and band take a knee

There is a petition on Change.org/takeaknee aimed at persuading Maroon 5, Travis Scott and Big Boi to take a knee at halftime on Sunday:This is my band taking a knee at the end of a gig in Hartford, Connecticut on Sunday 24th of September 2017. We did it in solidarity with San Francisco Quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s gesture of protest against the endemic racism and often deadly force meted out by police departments across this land. It was the third Sunday of Colin Kaepernick’s lock out by the NFL. The message was clear, “Shut your mouth, boy!" Next Sunday will be the 36th Sunday he has been locked out of your national game. This is not a victory for the NFL, it is a defeat, you have denied football fans everywhere the pleasure and the honor of watching one of the greatest quarterbacks who ever played the game, and you have shown your true colors. You can sit in your boardrooms and huff and puff on your cigars in your glass boxes, but your action is a poke in the eye for everything that is decent in America. Colin Kaepernick is an American hero. If the USA is to have a future, it is the Colin Kaepernicks of this world who will lead you there, in fact, it is Colin Kaepernick who is leading you now. My colleagues Maroon 5, Travis Scott and Big Boi are performing during the halftime show at the Super-bowl this coming Sunday, I call upon them to “take a knee” on stage in full sight. I call upon them to do it in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick, to do it for every child shot to death on these mean streets, to do it for every bereaved mother and father and brother and sister. My mother used to say to me, “In any situation there is nearly always a right thing to do, just do it.” So, there you go my brothers, you are faced with a choice, I’m not saying it will be easy, all the Presidents men, all the huffers and puffers, will be royally pissed off, but, $#@%’em, I call upon you to do it because it’s the right thing to do and because somewhere inside you know it.LoveRoger Waters

Posted by Roger Waters on Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The question then becomes this: Do you want to take the risk of witnessing a bunch of multimillionaire artists disrespecting the flag?