Hate Filled Democrat Senator Wants Venezuelans To Suffer So He Can Defeat Trump In 2020

Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy has taken one of the most heartless stances imaginable to stick it to President Donald Trump.

He is willing to allow the Venezuelan people to continue to suffer at the hands of a despotic madman who is starving them.

And why is he willing to do it? In order to defeat President Trump in 2020, in an election in which he himself could be running.

The senator, who has in the past threatened to use nuclear weapons against gun owners, made the shocking statements on Twitter on Saturday.

“Democrats need to be careful about a potential trap being set by Trump et al in Venezuela. Cheering humanitarian convoys sounds like the right thing to do, but what if it’s not about the aid? What if the real agenda is laying a pretext for war? Follow my logic for a second,” he said.

“First, so secret Trump has been talking up war with Maduro since 2017, when he repeatedly asked McMaster for a plan to overthrow Maduro. New McCabe book confirms Now, Trump says “all options are on the table” and Rubio objects to Senate resolution that forbids war,” the senator said.

“I want aid to get to Venezuelans. But let’s be honest – Venezuela didn’t just lurch into humanitarian crisis. The aid is being sent there now as part of a regime change strategy. Many are hoping that it will be the match that lights a civil war against Maduro,” he said.

“Senator Rubio rushed to tweet out reports today of Maduro allies firing into Colombian territory, warning that the “the United States WILL help Columbia confront any aggression against them.” Venezuela ordered Colombian diplomats out in 24 hours, ramping up the crisis,” Murphy said.

“Maduro is evil, and the U.S. should pursue a strategy to undermine him and prompt new elections. No one can defend what he has done to Venezuela. But it’s quite a different thing for the U.S. to incite a civil war with no real plan for how it ends (sound familiar?),” he said.

“And finally – and perhaps most importantly – go look up the 1947 Rio Treaty, It’s a western hemisphere mutual defense treaty, and may not require a war declaration if Trump is legitimately coming to the defense of Colombia. Don’t think the Venezuela hawks don’t know this,” he said.