What is the Hongkong Prize?

The hongkong prize is one of Asia’s premier scientific research awards, honoring studies with global reach. It attracts thousands of applicants each year and rewards winners with cash awards and access to Hong Kong’s premier research facilities. Notable finalists have even put their lives at risk – from founding organizations that provide shelter for homeless adults to developing liquid biopsy processes.

In addition to the monetary prize, winning scientists will also get an internship at a Hong Kong research institute for six months. This allows them to network with fellow researchers and gain experience in their field of study. They will also have the opportunity to present their work at an awards ceremony, giving them international exposure and visibility. Besides the monetary benefits, hongkong prize winners will reap many other advantages from their win, such as top-tier media coverage and worldwide recognition.

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The HK Prize is sponsored by Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited and aims to recognize scientists or research teams for their scientific or technological innovation achievements and their transformation into real social or economic value. The award selection is made by an independent judging panel. The winners are notified by email and will be invited to an awards ceremony each year. At this event, representatives of the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Central Government agencies in mainland China will serve as guests of honour.

Participants may only participate in the HK Prize once, and no more than two participants will be accepted in each team. They must meet the eligibility requirements, which include having a high school diploma or equivalent and having extracurricular activities in the fields of science, art, or community service. In addition, participants must be citizens or permanent residents of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

To qualify for the HK Prize, scientists must submit an original article that meets certain criteria. This can be clinical or observational research; an epidemiological investigation; a basic science research study, or any combination of these. The original article must be the winner’s first-authored work and cannot have been previously published elsewhere. Review articles, letters to the editor, and meta-analysis are not eligible for the prize.

Winning the HK Prize requires hard work, dedication, and determination. It is a great way for students to show off their talent and academic achievement, as well as for them to receive scholarships that can assist with tuition or living costs. This is a highly competitive competition, so it is important for students to prepare by studying hard and participating in extracurricular activities. This will increase their chances of winning, but it is still a challenge to win!