The Singapore Prize

singapore prize

Those whose achievements have helped to transform the lives of their communities or the world at large are recognised by the Singapore Prize. Each winner receives a cash prize of 3,000 Singapore dollars and a commissioned trophy. The award also comes with a 12-month gift code for StoryTel, a platform that connects readers with authors.

The winners of the Singapore Prize are honoured by the Prime Minister at a special ceremony at the National Gallery of Singapore. They also receive a special medal and a trophy, and are invited to a gala dinner hosted by the Minister for Communications and Information, Yeo Chee Hean.

In addition to the monetary award, the prize winners are given an opportunity to visit a European city of their choice for a research project and to participate in various events. The prize winner is expected to return to Singapore at the end of their research project and give a public talk about the experience and results of their work.

In the past, the Singapore Prize has been awarded to individuals for their contributions in a number of areas, including social activism, business and medicine. The Singapore Prize is a unique way for the government of Singapore to honour people based on their accomplishments and achievements rather than political affiliations.

It is the largest award in the world for a single individual and is presented annually. The award was launched in 1969 and is designed to recognise people who have made outstanding contributions to Singapore and the world. In addition to the money, the prize winners also get a customised medal and a plaque with their names on it.

Runners who win gold at the Commonwealth Games receive a bonus of over $349,000 from their country. This amount is significantly larger than what is offered in the United States, where athletes can earn a maximum of $25,000 for winning a gold medal.

The LKY Water Prize has gained recognition as the premier water prize worldwide, with its focus on innovative water technologies or policies that have proven to be game-changing in real-world application. Laureates have contributed breakthrough solutions in membrane technology, used water treatment, and holistic water management, to name just a few.

In the last 50 years, the Singapore prize has been awarded to people who have done outstanding work in the fields of business, sports, and the arts. Some of the most famous winners include the founder of the esplanade, the architect of the Changi Airport, and the former president of Singapore. The prize is also given to people who have devoted their life to charitable work. This year, 91 writers were shortlisted for the award, including two 91-year-olds: Suratman Markesan (Honing the Pen, Volume 2) and Wang Gungwu (Home is Where We Are Going). The oldest winner was rma cureess for her Tamil literary works.