Data SDY – The Conference That Drives Transformational Organisational Success

data sdy

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Providing the tools and strategic approaches needed to construct robust and scalable data architectures that drive transformative organisational success. Flex, Scale, Excel

A unique and comprehensive conference bringing together data architects, engineers, business analysts, database designers and data scientist to provide the best strategies and solutions to address complex challenges faced in deploying future-ready data systems.

The latest developments in the fields of data and analytics, with a focus on applications and use cases leveraging advanced technologies such as machine learning and deep learning.

Featuring a global roster of industry experts, this event covers all aspects of data engineering, from collecting and processing data to deploying it in real time. The programme includes sessions on data integration, ETL, data visualization and predictive analytics. It also provides best practice guidance on overcoming common data problems, including managing large data sets and delivering timely and accurate insights to your end users.

Get hands-on experience with the latest tools and techniques used to design, develop and deploy scalable, secure, enterprise-grade data platforms. Explore new ways to maximise ROI, streamline development processes and implement a resilient data architecture.

The conference features more than 60 expert speakers from across Australia and Asia-Pacific. It offers in-depth practical tutorials and case studies that are applicable to any organisation wishing to adopt a data-driven approach. The agenda will also include keynote presentations from leading data and analytics practitioners and analysts.

Attendees will be able to hear how leading organisations are building flexible and scalable data architectures that deliver transformative business value. Learn how to build a flexible, agile, integrated and unified data platform that supports diverse business needs, including analytics, reporting and data security.

The conference program includes over 60 expert speakers from Australia and Asia-Pacific, who will share their knowledge and expertise on all aspects of data architecture, including scalability and flexibility. You’ll be able to get hands-on experience with the latest tools and technologies, including big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning. It’s a must-attend event for anyone who is serious about transforming their organisation with data.