Cool HK Pools for the Whole Family

When the temperature soars, there’s nothing better than a refreshing swim. Whether you’re an Anakin Skywalker who abhors sand (“it’s coarse and rough, gets everywhere”) or are looking for a more serene experience than a packed beach (hello, sunscreen), there’s no shortage of cool hk pools where you can get your swimming on.

Most HK pools offer a variety of pool packages that cover the basics, with a few key add-ons. Some of these include a spa or hot tub, a tanning bed, and even a waterfall feature. But, it’s important to understand what you’re getting into when choosing your pool package.

Depending on how large the package is and what additional features you want, the price can vary significantly. It’s important to talk with your local pool store to determine what works best for your family.

Another important thing to consider when deciding on your pool package is the installation costs. Many pool stores hire subcontractors to do the work of digging, laying the liner, installing the pumps and filters, building decking and fences, and constructing and landscaping around the pool area. They then make a substantial margin on the total cost of the pool, including labor, materials, and the pool itself. If you buy your pool kit from an online distributor, on the other hand, you will save money by arranging these subcontractors yourself, and potentially cut your project cost by a significant amount.

One of the most popular hk pools for kids and families is Kennedy Town Swimming Pool, which is a quick walk from the MTR and is a hit with the little ones thanks to its water slides. It also offers a toddler pool and a round stepping pool for those who aren’t quite ready to tackle the giant slides. Plus, it’s right across from Belcher’s Bay Park so if the kids expend all their energy swimming, they can hop over to the outdoor playground for some more playtime.

With its breathtaking Sai Kung views, this outdoor pool is a winner with the whole family. This pool is especially known for its water slides, which have a wide range of heights and speeds that can accommodate kids of all ages. And, as with most public pools, it has a teaching pool, leisure pool, and a special one for toddlers.

Located at Hotel ICON, this open-air heated pool & sundeck with a view is the perfect place to enjoy some lengths and relax. Designed by Rocco Yim, this pool at the hotel perfectly blends aesthetics and functionality. And, the ICON Pool Bar is a great spot to grab a cocktail, a snack, or a light meal during your stay.