Eastwood Crushes De Niro, Spike Lee & Christian Bale In Movie Hollywood Hates

Clint Eastwood makes no apologies about his support for President Donald Trump, and his political views are widely known in Hollywood. Eastwood is too rich and successful to have to bow down to political correctness. That’s why he just crushed Robert De Niro, Spike Lee, and Christian Bale with his new film that the Hollywood crowd utterly hates. Don’t miss this.

It’s award time in Hollywood, and for movies to be considered for an Oscar in 2019, they must have debuted by the end of 2018. In fact, producers usually wait until November or December to debut the best movies which they feel have a chance to win the coveted “Best Picture” award.

So, the Hollywood crowd was a tiny bit perplexed when Clint Eastwood, who is box-office gold, released his new movie, The Mule, at the end of December. Why? Well, the 88-year-old director had not promoted this new film in which he starred in and produced.

Waiting until the end of the year put the Trump hating Hollywood crowd on notice: Eastwood was challenging their best movies that enjoyed tons of commercial promotion.

“Outside of Eastwood’s unprecedented staying power as a major star, director, and composer, what makes this success [The Mule] so surprising is that his little movie was released without much fanfare or advanced publicity.”

In fact, Warner Brothers, who helped produce The Mule was scared to death that the leftist Hollywood crowd would call for a boycott, another reason they released this movie with minimal promotion. According to Breitbart, “Warner Bros. might have been concerned that if the movie got too much early attention, today’s modern-day witch hunters would push for a theatrical boycott. A legitimate fear now that the left has resurrected political blacklists with a vengeance.”

The Trump haters, especially Spike Lee, Christian Bale, and Robert De Niro, are livid. Why? As of this weekend, The Mule, which Eastwood both stars in and directs, has cleared an incredible $81 million, crushing the films Bale, Lee, and De Niro have produced in hopes of winning Oscar gold.

“With $81 million in the bank, at this rate, The Mule is almost certain to cross the magic $100 million mark before the end of its theatrical run,” Breitbart added. “Already it is crushing a number of movies produced to appease the Woke fascists, Spike Lee’s BlackkKlansman ($48 million), and Christian Bale’s Vice, a dishonest, poorly made and researched screed against former Vice President Dick Cheney, which has grossed just $29 million.”

Then, there’s the movie De Niro producedBohemian Rhapsody, which is considered the big blockbuster of the year by the Hollywood crowd since it tells the story of the rock group Queen focusing on the lead singer Freddie Mercury and his gay lifestyle. It took in $51 million in its first weekend.

Yet, the Gran Torino star and director released Mule, proving old conservative white guys can make great movies, and Americans will respond. Usually, a movie, even successful ones, lose 50 percent of their opening box office on the second weekend. On its fourth weekend, The Mule grossed $9.1 million, which is more than 50 percent of its opening weekend, which almost never happens.

John Nolte, a conservative movie critic, reviewed Eastwood’s new film and explained the Hollywood crowd is already blasting it as “not woke,” complaining it’s full of “wrong-think.”