Alyssa Milano Makes Tragic Mistake Attacking James Woods On Twitter: ‘Disadvantaged’

f you’re going to pick political fights on social media, you could certainly choose worse targets than James Woods. However, be warned: You’d best come loaded for bear.

Actress and #MeToo figure Alyssa Milano gets points for trying, I suppose. She took issue with one of Woods’ tweets about race and the media — and ended up with a curt reply from the acting legend.

The kerfuffle began with a tweet by Woods on Friday regarding media coverage and liberal buzzwords.

“The media onslaught against ‘white privilege,’ Christianity, ‘male toxicity,’ all the liberal nonsense, reveals a misstep by those uneducated in the power of history,” he wrote. “The one sure thing history has taught us: never declare a race war against a majority. It won’t end well.”

There wasn’t necessarily a target specifically mentioned, but one could easily imagine several recent incidents that could have spurred it: The Covington Catholic incident, Gillette’s controversial “toxic masculinity” advertisement, that sort of thing.

Milano, however, thought this was akin to telling minorities to stay in their place:

“In the event you don’t speak Red Hat, I think what James Woods is saying in the below tweet is: ‘if you’re a minority of any kind, sit down and shut up,’” she wrote.

“Please correct me if I’m wrong, (James Woods),” she added, complete with the monocle emoji.

Yes, she used the monocle. It’s on.

Or perhaps not. Woods noted that he was only willing to engage on a level playing field:

“I shan’t engage in a battle of wits with you, Alyssa, as I have a soft spot for the disadvantaged. That said, I have always been a fan…” Woods wrote.

Tough, but not inaccurate. After all, interpreting that statement as a minatory threat to minorities requires a certain unquestioning worldview, one in which anything that qualifies as “red hat” is racist.

But then, Milano should probably look at Woods’ history of exchanges.

Whether it’s calling out The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur complaining about the state and city he helped ruin or his commentary on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, he’s an exceptionally formidable social media opponent.

That’s something that Alyssa Milano apparently forgot.