Watch as Dan Bongino Rips ‘Carnival Barker’ Adam Schiff

Former Secret Service agent Don Bongino just ripped “carnival barker” Adam Schiff apart for his non-stop lies about President Trump and Russia.

Bongino claims Schiff is making the whole thing up “You understand this guy is making this up. He has got nothing. He is a carnival barker. He has nothing. Here is why he is doing this now. There is a reason. The Michael Cohen hearing was devastating for them.”

Watch as Dan Bongino rips “carnival barker” Adam Schiff for his non-stop lies about President Trump:

Partial transcript:

Steve: It sounds like the Michael Cohen hearing last week was a preview of coming attractions. The Senate — rather, the house Judiciary Committee chair Jerry Nadler has made it very clear is he going to start calling all sorts of witnesses in. He wants document production for some 60 important documents from the white House this is what we can see from the Democrats going right up to Election Day 2020.

Dan: Yeah. You know, Steve, we live in a post fact society now when it comes to the Democrats. It’s disturbing. Nadler wants to start an obstructions probe probably. Let’s walk through what the FBI themselves, people involved in this case said about the obstruction case. You had Jim Comey who in one of his memos, Steve, indicated that Donald Trump actually asked him to look to see if any of his people were involved in any kind of malfeasance. That’s in a Comey memo. Does that sound like obstruction? Go on to Mccabe. Two days after Comey is fired Mccabe is up on the hill. The deputy director at the FBI. Acting director. They asked him specifically has there been any effort to obstruct your investigation? What did he say, Steve? There has been no effort to obstruct our investigation. Wait, wait; one more getting better. Jim Baker. Top lawyer at the FBI, he is asked by congressman John Ratcliffe was Donald Trump ever even told he was under investigation? No he was told the opposite. He wasn’t told. How do you obstruct an investigation you didn’t even know was happening after asking people to investigate people around you? This is so dumb. We’re all dumber for talking about it but this is what the Democrats have hoisted on our backs. We have to do it. 

Do you understand they are just making this up? What’s frustrating you think they would have learned a listen. Listen I’m a Republican, I’m a conservative. We can agree the impeachment effort against Bill Clinton viewed now through a more historical lens failed. 

Steve: Backfired.

Dan: Backfired badly. You would think the Democrats would have learned something from this. They have nothing. This is a big shell game. There is nothing there they continue to double down. 

Brian: Do you know what they’re not doing. They are not talking about they are just doing investigations. Not going to do impeachment unless there is buy-in from Republicans. But that’s not where it is.

Jedediah: You know, Dan, have you Adam Schiff out there and he is talking about how there is evidence of collusion. A lot of evidence and I want to get your reaction. What exactly is that evidence, Dan? Did I miss it?

Dan: Well, Steve just said it you can see it in plain sight it’s like it from the Steven King kidnapping movie. Nobody knows what the it is. It’s a clown one day. No one knows what the it actually is. You understand this guy is making this up. He has got nothing. He is a carnival barker. He has nothing. Here is why he is doing this now. There is a reason. The Michael Cohen hearing was devastating for them. He was star witnesses. What did he do? He went up to the Hill and he said the key component of their entire case that Michael Cohen was in Prague to coordinate this whole conspiracy with the Russians. Cohen said it wasn’t true. Keep in mind, he is their star witness. Not Trump’s. He just destroyed the entire collusion hoax. So what does Schiff do? Instead of being honest, he just has to double down and hope nobody holds him to account for his two years of lies. Because he is a Democrat, he won’t be held to account.