Schiff Blames The Florida Shooting On Trump Collusion With Russia (Video)


After the horrible school shooting in Florida, liberals came to a variety of ridiculous conclusions. Some blamed gun laws, and some tried to blame President Trump for not enforcing more gun laws. However, Democratic Representative Adam Schiff took this a step further, he decided to blame Florida’s shooting on Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia.

“[Russians] don’t particularly want [a Second Amendment] of their own. They don’t necessarily want lots of Russians running around with lots of guns, but they’re really happy we do. They would like nothing better than if we were shooting each other every day, which sadly, we are,” said Schiff.

The reason Russia wouldn’t want it’s citizens having guns is because guns give you freedom from Government tyranny. Or does Schiff think the Russian government is superior to ours?

“Looking at the Russian use of this horrible shooting in Florida, they would often combine pro-gun-control hashtags with anti-gun-control stories that were really designed to ridicule the movement in favor of gun safety legislation,” said Schiff.

“Wherever you see a really wide gulf between what the public wants and what the public gets, there’s usually a powerful special interest in the way. Even the vast majority of NRA members support meaningful background checks and restrictions, but the leadership doesn’t, and the leadership has put enough fear into the majority of the House and Senate that we can’t seem to make any progress. Or if we are making progress, it’s only incrementally in changing attitudes and we still haven’t seen it reflected in the Congress,” said Schiff.