Pelosi Fires Takes A Jab At Ocasio-Cortez And Her Followers

Our favorite socialist superstar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has made a lot of enemies during her short time in Washington D.C. and unfortunately for her one of those enemies is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Nancy Pelosi as you may recall is famous for being able to rip off her opponents headwithout them even realizing it.

In a recently completed interview Pelosi, without mentioning AOC by name, told USA Today that it’s more important to have votes on the floor of the House versus a large number of Twitter followers.

Of course one could argue that Pelosi herself created this monster by appearing with her on the cover of Rolling Stone and giving her a plum committee assignment.

Even CNN got in on the “lets pile on Ocasio-Cortez” and “do Pelosi’s bidding” game:

Without mentioning Ocasio-Cortez by name Pelosi fired a shot directly at her:

This is not the first time our young superstar has come to blows with the Speaker:

The frustration with Ocasio-Cortez among party leaders is palpable and is only going to get worse as the election draws closer.

Will AOC lash out at Pelosi? Given her history it’s hard to see her remain silent for too long.

If Ocasio-Cortez does not start toeing the line will Pelosi and company attempt to primary her? 

Grab some popcorn, it’s going to get fun!