Omar Deemed ‘More Dangerous Than David Duke And Louis Farrakhan Combined’ Here’s Why

“What’s completely unacceptable is for Ilhan Omar to yet again target Jews. In this case it’s not just Stephen Miller. What she’s doing is by declaring a Jew, someone who is known to be Jewish, a white nationalist, she’s saying Jews, you’re not minorities. 

In other words, this is a way of taking away our right to speak out in their culture, this leftist culture that says only certain kinds of people have agency. 

The fact is, Jews are not only minority. Jews are the most victimized minority in this country, far more than blacks, Muslims and women, which is what Ilhan Omar keeps on being characterized as though she’s being attacked. 

She is the most dangerous anti-Semite we have ever seen. She’s more dangerous in this country, more dangerous than David Duke and Louis Farrakhan combined because she sits where she sits and no one is stopping her. She keeps on assaulting Jews.”