Ocasio-Cortez Facing Backlash For Speech To Black Audience Many Called Racist

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just gave one of the most racist speeches in the history of politics when she appeared at Al Sharpton’s gathering.

The 29-year-old spoke to a group at the National Action Network on Friday when she adopted the accent of a Southern African-American.

And not only did she adopt the condescending accent, she then told those in attendance that it was OK to do menial labor.

Not that there is anything bad about hard labor, there is not, but to essentially tell people not to strive to do better is ridiculous.

And to tell it to a group of black people is tantamount to racism as there is no way she would say that to a group of white people.

“This is what organizing looks like,” Ocasio-Cortez said as the crowd roared in approval.

“This is what building power looks like. This is what changing the country looks like,” she told the audience who cheered her every word.

“It’s when we choose to show up and occupy the room and talk about the things that matter most, talking about our future,” she said.

“I’m proud to be a bartender,” she said, which is a lie as she is no longer a bartender as she strived to do better and became a Congresswoman.

“Ain’t nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with working retail, folding clothes for other people to buy,” she said.

“There is nothing wrong with preparing the food that your neighbors will eat. There is nothing wrong with driving the buses that take your family to work,” she said.

She got roasted for her fake accent and condescending tone by many conservatives, including Lawrence Jones who she attacked for wearing a bulletproof vest during a trip to the border.