Ocasio Cortez Blames Everyone Else For Atrociously Depleted Poll Numbers

Last week, we told you about voters deciding they like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez less the more they learn about her, namely that her unfavorability rating has risen 15 points since September.

The reasons for that are obvious — she regularly makes a fool of herself in public statements, she proposes policies that are insane even by Democrat standards, she displays no humility or desire to improve, and it appears she may be corrupt.

Of course, being a good little leftist, she knows exactly how to respond to bad news like this — by deflecting responsibility:

Hot Air’s John Sexton has a few things to say about this:

AOC has given all sorts of people all sorts of reasons to dislike her approach and the actual content of her proposals. Bill de Blasio is a socialist and he doesn’t seem to be a fan. Nancy Pelosi is a San Francisco leftist and I don’t think she’s too fond either.

So AOC claiming that all of the blowback she’s getting is about racism and sexism and Fox News is a dishonest dodge.

If her approval rating is down it’s probably because she keeps talking and thereby revealing that she frequently doesn’t know what she’s talking about even as she’s lecturing the rest of us about how to change the world.

It used to be in American politics that “centrists” were (rightly or wrongly) the most coveted votes in the country, the pinnacles of rationality that politicians tripped all over themselves to claim to speak for.

Of course, this was always shallow.

There’s nothing inherently wise or morally superior about being in the middle, and moderates disliking you hardly proves you’re in the wrong. But they are a faction any serious politician has to figure out how to win over, for better for worse.

Not AOC, apparently. it would be bad enough if her takeaway from this was “you peons just don’t understand how great I am and are too dumb to love my policies.”

But no, not only does she not think maybe she needs to reevaluate her positions or do a better job of explaining them, she thinks nothing of jumping straight to bigotry and identity politics.

Essentially, she’s blaming centrists for not thinking like extremists…which, y’know, is why they’re called “centrists” in the first place.

Last week, I predicted AOC would fail to rise through the Democrat ranks but keep getting re-elected to her House seat.

If she keeps up this sort of thing, though, who knows: maybe even New Yorkers will get sick of her sooner rather than later.