Media Outlet Attacks White People with Racist ‘Wypipo Awards’

The Root, a far-left media outlet centered on African-American culture, published an article Friday attacking its least-favorite white people of 2018.

The outlet’s “2018 Wypipo Awards” is described by columnist Michael Harriot as an awards show meant for people “of the Caucasian variety.”

Harriot wrote that “it’s just like the Grammys or the Oscars except the winner gets a golden jar of mayonnaise.”

Apparently, The Root is comfortable publishing racist nonsense as long as white people are the target.

The first “honor” given by the outlet was the “White Tears Award,” whose nominees included first lady Melania Trump and White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

The award was given to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“Brett burst into tears in front of the entire world when he thought that his lifelong white male privilege scholarship might be taken away just because he allegedly attempted to rape someone,” Harriot wrote.

If Harriot had a shred of empathy, he’d recognize that he might react similarly if his career were on the line because of unsubstantiated sexual assault allegations.

The Root also provided an award for “Becky of the Year,” which was meant to mock white women such as pop star Taylor Swift and Republican Sen. Susan Collins.

The award was given to conservative commentator Dana Loesch, who was viciously attacked by the outlet.

“NRA spokesperson and former infomercial actress Dana Loesch is what would happen if Satan f—ed a cactus plant,” Harriot wrote.

The writer went on to say Loesch is an “evil queen” who “doesn’t care about s— because her ultimate goal is to gain immortality by dethroning the Wicked Witch of the West.”

The Root also targeted black people who aren’t left-wing enough, including rapper Kanye West and conservative commentator Candace Owens, who were nominated for the “Best Supporting Wypipo Award.”

The winner of that award was “Black people who still watch the NFL,” which Hariot accuses of “banning Colin Kaepernick and silencing protests.”

After mocking black conservatives, the outlet continued to attack several “white things” — including their love of animals — and white people.

It’s a shame that there’s an audience for such vile racism in 2018.