Watch: Kimmel Edits Video To Show Roy Moore In His ‘Underwear’ While Being Interviewed By a 12 Year Old Girl

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In perhaps his most vile stunt to date, Jimmy Kimmel edited the video of a charming 12-year-old child interviewing Judge Roy Moore so that it would appear that he was shoving his crotch in her face — without pants.

The disgusting edit was done to a video of Millie March, who rose to fame in right-wing circles after an adorable video of her endorsing Donald Trump at the Conservative Political Action Conference went viral.

Kimmel has been obsessing over Moore since their infamous Twitter spat — even donating $5,400 to his opponent Doug Jones.

On Monday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the “comedian” took things to a whole new level, however. It is never appropriate to edit a man’s crotch into footage of a child — which should not even need to be said.

The interview March conducted at the GOP headquarters in Alabama was informative and professional — unlike Kimmel’s show. In it, the young girl asked Moore serious questions about his stance on Trump’s proposed border wall, what he believes makes a good senator and issues that impact the people of Alabama.

Watch March’s real interview here: